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Welcome to the Workshop

Rolling with My Gnomies

Boomer's Workshop is the game development studio of Kevin A Prothero, incorporated in 2019 and located in Indianapolis, IN. After designing/publishing several games focusing on approchability, strategic depth, and engaging stories, we have now pivoted to creating high quality 3D prints for the hobby gaming sector! Check out our environmentally friendly process or hop over to Etsy to browse our product. 

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3D Printed Miniatures

Providing high quality 3D prints for the hobby gaming sector utilizing eco-friendly practices is the mission statement for our printing business. Each print is made with 30 microns per layer to achieve the detail while utilizing plant based resins. All power for the workshop is generated from clean energy sources and the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable (including the sticker adhesives). Looking for some proxy models for your chosen wargaming experience?

Check out our wares over on Etsy!


Sanctuary Saga

Available on Steam!

Protect your caravan and face the brutal Untamed Wilds in roguelite turn-based RPG Sanctuary Saga. Engage in row-based combat across multiple varied biomes and keep your group together using a dynamic relationship system.

Sanctuary Saga the Boardgame

Status: Seeking established international Publisher; 

Free Demo on Tabletop Simulator

Hire profession cards to your deck, upgrade your guild hall, and work together to defeat the Narrative Deck in Sanctuary Saga, a cooperative deckbuilder game for 2-4 players themed after traditional 16-bit RPGs.


With six guilds each with multiple strategies, Sanctuary Saga offers coop deckbuilder fans an unrivaled level of replay-ability. 

Interested publishers and business inquiries can be made to boomersworkshop (at) gmail (dot) com.

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