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Sanctuary Saga

Status: FREE Digital Demo LIVE on Steam using Tabletop Simulator

Hire profession cards to your deck, upgrade your guild hall, and work together to defeat the Narrative Deck in Sanctuary Saga, a cooperative deckbuilder game for 2-4 players themed after traditional 16-bit RPGs.


With six guilds each with multiple strategies, Sanctuary Saga offers coop deckbuilder fans an unrivaled level of replay-ability. 

Interested publishers and business inquiries can be made to boomersworkshop (at) gmail (dot) com.


Status: FREE Digital Demo LIVE on Steam

In collaboration with IN>D:\DEVELOPMENT, Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy game with variable card power sets that plays in 10"-15" with tableau building win conditions. The rules are straightforward enough for new gamers while the strategy is deep enough to engage the most expert in the hobby. A different Pattern Power set can change the abilities of each card from game to game in order to keep players engaged. The play time is perfect for a few games during the lunch hour or while waiting for your entire group to arrive for other games. 

Rolling with My Gnomies

Boomer's Workshop is the game design studio of Kevin A Prothero. Each game is designed to be mechanically approachable, provide a depth of strategy, and force players to engage with one another socially. If this is what you are looking for please consider our games for your collection!

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