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Boomer's Workshop is the video game development studio of Kevin A Prothero, incorporated in 2019 and located in Indianapolis, IN. The company seeks to deliver highly polished games in both quality of presentation and gameplay. Each game is designed to be approachable, provide a depth of tactics and strategy, and communicate an engaging story to the players. Through this, we strive to create lasting partnerships with our community and fans!

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Sanctuary Saga: Prelude

Status: FREE Demo on Steam; In Development

Follow the antics of disgruntled guilds leaving their homelands to face the harsh unknown in the Untamed Wilds in this JRPG modeled from the 16-bit golden era. Row-based combat system forces players to make strategic choices at every moment. Monitor each hero's Argument meter; if it gets too high they may refuse to help fight!

Sanctuary Saga: Prelude is a JRPG prequel to the Cooperative Deckbuilding card game Sanctuary Saga. 

Narrative Zone close up after a couple of turns
Narrative Zone close up after a couple of turns

Sanctuary Saga Narrative Zone close up.

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Sanctuary Saga Box Art
Sanctuary Saga Box Art

Box art for the Sanctuary Saga Core Set on Gamecrafter.

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Box in Shrink wrap
Box in Shrink wrap

Proof copy from Gamecrafter still fresh in its shrink wrap.

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Sanctuary Saga

Status: Soliciting Publishers; 

Free Demo on Tabletop Simulator

Hire profession cards to your deck, upgrade your guild hall, and work together to defeat the Narrative Deck in Sanctuary Saga, a cooperative deckbuilder game for 2-4 players themed after traditional 16-bit RPGs.


With six guilds each with multiple strategies, Sanctuary Saga offers coop deckbuilder fans an unrivaled level of replay-ability. 

Interested publishers and business inquiries can be made to boomersworkshop (at) gmail (dot) com.

Notorious Splash 5.png


Status: FREE game on Tabletop Simulator

Compete against other players to hire crew, complete Jobs, and prove you are the most Notorious pirate in the Caribbean waters! Notorious is a light-weight euro-style board game where players manage their crew while traveling to various locales on the map for job completions.


Bot Builders

Status: FREE game on Tabletop Simulator

Manage your hand and collect components to build Bot Blueprints. Use action cards to boost your plays or disrupt your opponents’ to be the first to score eight points in this lightweight set matching card game for 3+ players. Plays in 10 to 15 minutes.