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Sanctuary Saga

The 16-Bit Deckbuilder

Inspired by 16-bit JRPGs of the 90's, Sanctuary Saga is a cooperative deck building game for 2 to 4 players.  Incorporating mild legacy elements, players follow the exploits of guilds from various nations combining their assets to found a new city-state in a resource rich and hostile land. Players must work together to overcome the challenges presented by the Narrative Deck in order to ensure the survival of Sanctuary and its citizens.

Available for sale on Gamecrafter.

Free demo on Tabletop Simulator!

Deckbuilder x JRPG

From start to finish, players should feel every bit the guild leaders they are.  Each player starts with a set of starter cards (modifiable as the city-state levels) and selects from guild specific professions that form the communal pool of purchasable player cards. While generic citizen professions are always available they are not as powerful as the guild professions. Meanwhile, the Guild Halls themselves can be upgraded to unlock unique abilities core to the play style of each guild. Craft your resources to help Sanctuary navigate the perils of the Narrative Deck!



To keep the game interactive instead of multiplayer solitaire the Narrative Deck will present a series of challenges.  Events, Plots, Portents, Enemies, and Adventures will prevent Sanctuary's development or overwhelm the defenses entirely.  The players interact with these unique card types differently and will need to use their resources wisely to complete the Narrative Deck. Should the city health ever reach zero before this happens the players lose.

16-bit Aesthetic with FinalBossBlues

The aesthetic of Sanctuary Saga is created using genuine assets by the talented FinalBossBlues. FBB creates tilesets for game makers that call back to the "golden era" of JRPGs, with Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger providing much of his inspiration. Utilizing these assets, Boomer's Workshop has created the art snippets you see on the cards. FinalBossBlues' assets can be found on, with additional assets reserved solely for his patrons on Patreon.

FinalBossBlues on

FinalBossBlues on Patreon

FinalBossBlues Official Website

Why Gamecrafter?

Of the available Print-on-Demand options, Gamecrafter provided the best service for both the designer and the customer. For those new to Print-on-Demand services there is a higher price to pay since economies of scale are not in our favor but the quality is still very good. Please check out the images here to see the proof copy in action.

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