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Status: Kickstarter Planning (Analog) and Closed Beta (Digital)

In collaboration with IN>D:\DEVELOPMENT,

Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy card game where players take on the role of merchants whose tapestries are infused with magic dueling during trade shows in the street markets of Azetta. By outwitting your opponent and putting on the best show you will secure the sales from the crowds who flock to the city for just such entertainment.

Will you be the wiliest weaver?


How to Play Stitchcraft

Here we show players how to play Stitchcraft using the Beta version of our digital game. Once we receive our completed analog prototype we will be filming a similar video highlighting the card quality and design.



Players take a series of turns consisting of drawing a tapestry from the top of their chest and performing two actions. Actions are either placing a tapestry from their hand face down on their Display OR taking a face down tapestry and placing it revealed in their Showcase, triggering the tapestry’s power. These can be done in any order or combination. When a tapestry’s power is triggered, resolve the ability of that color in the Pattern set for the game. The goal is to have 4 of one color face up in the Showcase or 7 of the 8 colors face up in the Showcase. The first player to achieve one of these victory conditions wins the duel!


Action Choices


Playtester Images

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