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In collaboration with IN>D:\DEVELOPMENT, Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy card game where players take on the role of merchants whose tapestries are infused with magic dueling during trade shows in the street markets of Azetta. By outwitting your opponent and putting on the best show you will secure the sales from the crowds who flock to the city for just such entertainment.

Will you be the wiliest weaver?

Welcome to Azetta

In Stitchcraft players take the role of a magical merchant competing to sell enchanted rugs in the markets of Azetta, a city famous for its custom of hosting local trade-shows where rival spell-weavers advertise their wares in wizardly duels.  Be the first to build a showcase of 7 different colors or 4 of one color and customers will flock to your stall as you win the glory and sales!

Stitchcraft's Plethora of Powers

Each game match is governed by a Pattern.  Every Tapestry of a given color will release that Pattern's Power for that color when revealed.  Powers are designed to maintain a subtle identity across different Patterns for a given color, but in combination they can dramatically warp the strategy. If ever you tire of one set of powers, simply switch to a different Pattern for a whole new play experience!

Each player starts with a Chest (deck) of five Tapestries in each of eight different colors.  This 40 Tapestry deck is shuffled and serves as the player's inventory supply Chest throughout the game.  Players draw three Tapestries from the top of their Chest to start the game, and an additional Tapestry at the start of each turn.  Player 1 skips their first draw. 

Artful Actions of Stitchcraft

During each turn, players may Play and/or Reveal Tapestries.  Each player may take two of these actions per turn in any combination: Play twice, Reveal twice, or one of each in either order.

Play a Tapestry - Place a Tapestry from your hand face-down to your Display on the table in front of you to Play it.  A Tapestry in the Display is Unrevealed.  The opponent can't see the color, and its power is ready to use on another action, but it is not yet part of the Showcase (face up) area for victory conditions.

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Reveal a Tapestry - Select a Tapestry in your Display and place it face-up in your Showcase, triggering the ability of its color's Power.  These Powers may provide boons to you or sabotage your opponent.  If the Tapestry is successfully revealed, it moves into the Showcase and counts toward the many-color and color set victories

Face Up Web.png

Digital Client Development

From the beginning, one unique feature of Stitchcraft’s design and development chronicle is the creation of a digital client for the game. If we reach the $50,000 stretch goal, IN>D:\DEVELOPMENT will graciously provide a Steam key for Windows of the digital client on release for every backer at the Base level of funding. That’s right: you will still get your physical copy of the game but will ALSO be able to play online prior to its arrival.  While we were initially planning this for a mid-campaign surprise, the COVID pandemic led us to believe this would be worthwhile for potential backers to know on launch.

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Automatic Matchmaking

A matchmaking system is already in place in the latest stable version for each of the Pattern Sets. Don’t have someone to play with but want a human opponent? Just select the Pattern and press Join Queue for placement. You will automatically be paired with another person in the queue.


Zone Tracking

The digital client assumes optimal play would require you to take notes during the game. Instead of forcing players into this chore, the client remembers information for you. Placing a Tapestry on the bottom of your opponent’s Chest? Click on their Chest in client to see the Tapestries, and order, of known information.

Unraveling Reed small.png

Intelligent Bot Opponent

In addition to a full version of the Stitchcraft experience, the digital client also features a fully functioning AI opponent for each of the original three Pattern Sets: Loom, Attrition, and Racketeering.  This isn’t just a punching bag: the bot is designed to function like a human opponent would based on the current board state so you can practice varying strategies. Like the physical version of the game, the Digital Stretch Goals are all designed around making the play experience better and providing a range of possible play options for players.  This includes unlocking the additional pattern sets for “Vs AI” play.

2nd Unravel - camera fly-in.png

We have several plans for future development of the digital client but need your help in getting there.  In the Stretch Goals section, you will find a sort of roadmap for features we would like to add into the already completely playable game. If you would like to see the additional features, please help us grow the player base to get our funding levels there!  Any way you can push the Stitchcraft project in front of other interested parties would be greatly appreciated.

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Stitchcraft Gameplay Videos

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