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Sanctuary Saga

Protect your caravan and face the brutal Untamed Wilds in roguelite turn-based RPG Sanctuary Saga. Engage in row-based combat across multiple varied biomes and keep your group together using a dynamic relationship system.

Gather your guild and explore the world of the Untamed Wilds in Sanctuary Saga, a roguelite turn-based RPG where maintaining relationships with your team is key to survival. Explore four unique biomes, face enemies in tactical row-based battles, and build and maintain friendships with your guild to complete your quest.

Face Enemies in Dynamic Turn-Based Battles

Combat in Sanctuary Saga features turn-based combat with a row-based skill system. Each hero in your party possesses up to six unique skills that can be utilized to vanquish any monster teeming in each biome. Row management and positioning party members is crucial to combat, especially since four party members can be active at a time.

Maintain Character Relationships with the Argument System


Throughout every combat encounter, each hero has an argument meter that rises. Monitoring the meter is crucial during combat since if it gets too high, some heroes might refuse to fight (gotta help your teammates take a chill pill sometimes). Maintaining good relationships will reward you in combat, but bad relationships can lead to negative effects. As each party member fights alongside each other, relationships will also begin to form. Will everyone put their differences aside or will their conflicts lead to doom?

Travel Through Four Unique Biomes


Presented in gorgeous pixel art, explore varied biomes that each have their own unique enemies and hidden secrets. From lush forests to the decrepit Deadlands, each biome introduces its own set of challenges that’ll test each hero’s relationships. Each area is randomly generated, leading to each environment’s design being different each time you enter a biome.

Challenge Multiple Mini-Bosses and Bosses


Each biome contains a host of mini bosses and bosses that each offers their own set of strategies. Learning their attack patterns is key to defeating them and helping your heroes on their quest throughout the Untamed Wilds.

Try the free demo on Steam now! Wishlist to be notified of full release March 8th, 2023, for PC.

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