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Sanctuary Saga Game Manual


Welcome to Sanctuary Saga, a rogue-lite JRPG featuring row-based combat and a robust relationships system. Join guild leaders from various city-states and nations as they combine their resources and commit to a dangerous bid of navigating the Untamed Wilds. To help players navigate the perils they’ll face, please use this game manual as a reference guide to the systems found within the game.


In the event of bugs, please use the Report Bug icon found in the upper right corner of the title screen when the game is first launched. Check out our Discord if you have any questions or want to chat with others about the game! 


Meet the Guild Leaders

Sanctuary Saga contains a whole cast of characters to accompany the player through their journey. The guild leaders of the Sanctuary Caravan make up the player characters. Their bios are below. 

Syrena of the Sylphelvin Expedition

face syrena.png

Hailing (like all elvin cultures) from the Triune Isle, the Sylphelves live more in harmony with nature than the other elvin cultures. This makes them naturally adept to serve as explorers and guides for merchant caravans. This particular guild of caravan guides is led by Syrena. Syrena came to lead the guild at a young age due to her strong aptitudes and confidence. Because of this, she’s a bit of a workaholic though deeply loyal to those she trusts. Pragmatic by nature, Syrena comes across as direct and professional, while placing an emphasis on safety for those in her care. Will Syrena’s perfectionist tendencies lead to strife within the group or will the others pull her away from all work and help find there’s more to life?

Ethan, Representative of the Thieves Guild

Led by the ever cocky Ethan, a contingent of the Thieves Guild has signed on for the journey. Ethan senses strong rewards await the new settlement and has convinced many others with, shall we say, flexible morals to help ensure the caravan’s success. Given his difficult upbringing, Ethan has a cynical view for any given situation but uses his relaxed approach to deliver on his word. So relaxed, the other guild leaders are often surprised at how anything ever gets done but it always seems to. Given everything, many also wonder at Ethan’s true intentions for motivating an entire wing of the Thieves Guild into such a dangerous venture.

face ethan.png

Dolgrim, King of the Dwarrodwarf Clan

face dolgrim.png

The Dwarrodwarf clan is led by one of the youngest kings from the dwarven holds, Dolgrim. Dolgim is proud of his clan and has great ambitions for their place in the pages of dwarven history. Rarely one to sit back and let others do the work, this husband and father of two is often seen leading from the frontlines. Despite his insistence on keeping others from harm, Dolgrim is also stubborn and takes a direct approach to social resolutions. Can the others keep his temper in check or will this lead to greater inter group strife?

Marie, Mediator from the Celestial Missionaries

Bringing these disparate guilds together is a group of Celestial Missionaries led by Marie. With a just mind, Marie heard how mistreated her friends, particularly Syrena, were in their homelands and worked with her local temple to secure provisions and support staff to ensure the caravan’s success. Spiritually guided, if not maybe a bit intense, Marie was able to convince all the other guild leaders to form the Sanctuary  Caravan’s pact. Can she keep everyone driving towards the common goal or will individual ambitions ruin it for all?

face marie.png

Cylus and the Academic Expedition

face cylus.png

A ragtag group of young mages, crafters, and enchanters that make up the Academy Expedition are all more or less on the journey for the same reason: Cylus. This young prodigy burst out of his parents’ manor seemingly from nowhere solving magical challenges left and right. Completely ignorant of social norms but with an affable innocence, the other academics can’t wait to see what he’ll uncover next. Adventurous to a fault and lacking any sense of self preservation led to Cylus’ immediate commitment to the caravan. This also led to an unprecedented upswing in support from the Academic Expeditionary group. While the magical munitions are welcome, there seems to be a certain abandon in this guild’s approach to security and safety…

Jenivive, Orator and Logistician

Every group must agree to uphold certain standards when committing to this large of a venture so a group of clerks, scholars, and advocates were assigned the task. Responsibility for this group was given to Jenivive, a kind-hearted wife and mother with sharp wit, patience as wide as the Wilds itself, and a nurturing nature. Even if she does like to know everyone’s business. Serving as liaison for the Guild Leaders to the Lords’ Council, Jenivive also ensures the Guild Leaders themselves are coordinated in their efforts to guarantee the caravan’s success.

face jenivive.png

Main Menu

Once the player has completed the first battle of the tutorial, they gain access to the Main Menu (ESC/Q). Each section is detailed below.

00 Main Menu.png

Image of the Main Menu Scene


This scene can be used to review the current Skills of the six player characters. Each character also has the Return to Caravan skill once the tutorial expedition is complete. Use this at any time from the Map scene to end the current expedition and return to the caravan. This will forfeit any resources gained from the current expedition.

Image of the Skills Scene


The Status scene shows the stats for the selected party member. The player can also cycle through the selected party member by using R/F or PgUp/PgDn (default keybinds).

03 Status Scene.png

Image of the Status Scene


Use this scene to assign the four Active Battle Party. To change party members, select Change → select the Party Member to Remove → then select the Party Member to swap them with. The player can also Remove any chosen Active Battle Party Member, though this is not recommended as the game is balanced with a full party of four. Finish (or pressing ESC/Q) will return back to the Main Menu.

04 Formation Scene.png

Image of the Formation Scene


In the Row scene the player can assign the Default Row for each Party Member. This is the Row the Party Member will return to at the end of each battle. Use the grid in this scene to assign the row of each Party Member, with the left-most column representing Row 1 (closest to the enemies) and the right-most column Row 4 (furthest from the enemies). Pressing ESC/Q will return the player back to the Main Menu. More details on Rows can be found in the Battle section below.

05 Row Scene.png

Image of the Row Scene

Quest Journal

With the Quest Journal Scene players are able to view their current Main Quest as well as any Side or Skill Quests they have been assigned. See the Quests Section below for additional details.

06 Quest Journal.png

Image of the Quest Journal Scene


Using the Relationships scene, players can view each Guild Leader and their Relationship status with other party members. Current Relationship Level and Relationship Points (RP) can be viewed to better guide the player. More on this can be found in the Relationship section below.

01 Relationship Scene.png

Image of the Relationships Scene


Using the Options Scene, players will be able to customize various aspects of the game to their choosing. Each of the subsections are listed below.

01 Relationship Scene.png

Image of the Relationships Scene


Under the General tab, players can change the Always Dash, Command Remember, and Message Speed parameters.


Players can set the party to Always Dash for faster Exploration Scene movement. By default, this is set to ON. When OFF, the player can also hold SHIFT to manually Dash. 


Command Remember saves the last Command Input of each party member so it is the default option the next time the Command Window comes up in the Battle Scene. Set this OFF if you want the cursor to reset to the Attack command every turn. 


Message Speed sets how fast text is written by the game in message boxes. Default for this is 5, while higher numbers will increase the message speed and lower numbers will decrease the speed.

07 General.png

Image of the General Settings Tab

08 Audio.png


In the Audio tab players can set all parameters related to volume of audio in the game. 


Master Volume will change the volume of all audio in the game and will adjust cumulatively with other settings. The default is 40%.


BGM Volume refers to the background music playing throughout the game. This will adjust how loud or quiet the background music is. The default is 60%.


BGS Volume refers to background sounds that play throughout the game (Exploration Scene noises, for example). This will adjust how loud or quiet the background sound is. The default is 100%.


ME Volume will refer to Music Effects that play throughout the game. This will adjust how loud or quiet the music effects are. The default is 100%.


SE Volume will refer to Sound Effects that play throughout the game. This will adjust how loud or quiet the sound effects are. The default is 100%. 

Footsteps Sounds will add a Sound Effect while the player is traveling on the Exploration Scene. This volume will be affected by the Sound Effect setting. The default is OFF.

Image of the Audio Settings Tab


In the Visual tab players can set several parameters related to UI and animations in the game. 


Window: Red, Window: Green, and Window: Blue all combine to change the background color of the UI found within the game. Default for all three is 0.


Animated Tiles refer to movement of the environment while the player is in the Exploration Scene (eg. water or lava movement). OFF will prevent these tiles from moving and can help performance. ON is the default setting. 


Battle Animations refer to how fast animations within the Battle Scene will play. For shorter animation times, use faster settings. Default is Full.


Battle Camera refers to the camera movements within the Battle Scene. ON will allow the battle camera to zoom in and move in on animations for dramatic effect. OFF will freeze the battle camera and prevent all camera movement. ON is the default setting. 


Synch Monitor FPS will allow the game to sync its internal clock with the monitor. Some monitors play faster than the game speed which causes everything to appear faster or slower depending on monitor settings. This will ensure the game is played at its intended pace. ON is the default. 


Fullscreen allows the player to set the default visual mode for the game when it is launched and while being played. OFF will play the game in Windowed Mode. ON will play the game in Fullscreen. Due to limitations of the game engine, Sanctuary Saga’s resolution cannot be changed. The resolution chosen was to account for the best play experience among the four most common resolutions. Other resolutions may see black borders on two or four edges when playing the game in Fullscreen. ON is the default setting for Fullscreen.

09 Visual.png

Image of the Video Settings Tab


From the Controls tab players can change the default keybinds for Sanctuary Saga. The defaults can be found below. The game can be played using game controllers (and seem to work well with Steam defaults; tested using an XBox 360 controller and an 8BitDo controller). Steamdeck users may need to create a custom controller setting for Sanctuary Saga.


It is recommended players use the keyboard or a controller when playing Sanctuary Saga. The game does respond to mouse clicks but the UI was not designed around using only a mouse. This will be most impactful during the Battle Scene by how the game stacks sprites that are positioned in rows, leading to difficulties when selecting a target for a skill.

10 Default Key Bindings.png

Image of the Default Keybinds


Use the Save screen to maintain save files. Select which save file to modify, then the player can Load the save file, Save over the save file, or Delete the save file. Load and Delete can also be used in the Continue menu from the Title screen. 


Sanctuary Saga allows the player to save at any time (in Bright and Dim setting; future difficulties may alter this). The game’s balance takes this into consideration so it is recommended for players to make full use of the 24 save slots provided. Save often and have back up saves. Also don’t forget you can run from any fight for free and may abandon any expedition to return to the Caravan at any time.

11 Save Scene.png

Image of the Save Scene

Game End

To close the game, players can select Game End, then choose either to go back to the Title Screen or to close the game completely.

12 Game End.png

Image of the Game End Scene


Exploration in Sanctuary Saga occurs with a top-down view of the party as they move through various regions of the Untamed Wilds. From here, players will interact with enemies, NPCs, and quest objectives. As players develop relationships, conversations among the party members will also occur in this scene using the Gab Window.

Exploration Scene.png

Image of the Exploration Scene

Exploration Gab.png

Image of the Gab Window

While navigating the various expeditions, players should watch out for NPCs (though some may look somewhat like enemies). Some NPCs will join the caravan and offer quests the party can complete. Rewards for quests generally outpace what can be gained by enemies of the same level.

Exploration NPC in Wilds.png

Image of an NPC in the Untamed Wilds

Occasionally players will come across puzzle rooms. In order to advance with the current expedition, players will need to explore their environment for clues on how to solve the puzzle. These clues may come in the form of signs with riddles or by interacting with the environment based on contextual clues. If ever a puzzle is too difficult, the player can Return to Caravan to start a different expedition. 


While on expedition, players will navigate through one of four biomes: Forest, Caverns, Deadlands, and Scrublands. 

Occasionally players will come across puzzle rooms. In order to advance with the current expedition, players will need to explore their environment for clues on how to solve the puzzle. These clues may come in the form of signs with riddles or by interacting with the environment based on contextual clues. If ever a puzzle is too difficult, the player can Return to Caravan to start a different expedition. 


While on expedition, players will navigate through one of four biomes: Forest, Caverns, Deadlands, and Scrublands. 

Forest Biome

Biome Forest.png

The Forest biome is made up of lush woodland areas teeming with flora and fauna. Enemies in this biome are generally beasts or plants. Some Kobold settlements can be found within Forest biomes and will offer information specific to their region.

Caverns Biome

Biome Caverns.png

Caverns biome expeditions should expect dark and enclosed environments. Morel and beasts who make their homes in caves make up the majority of enemies. The Lizardkin underdwellers are known to have pockets of civilization and can speak to ruins found underneath the Untamed Wilds.

Deadlands Biome

Biome Deadlands.png

Within the cloudy and corrupt Deadlands very little that is natural can survive. Undead and their masters travel these realms unimpeded and assault any who cross their path without hesitation. No settlements can survive long in these blighted lands so NPC interaction will be few and far between.

Scrublands Biome

Biome Scrublands.png

Scrublands are vast pocket regions of prairies and plains in the Untamed Wilds. Wild herds and predators roam these open lands and offer little in the way of comfort for unwary travelers. Orc tribes have settled the regions and provide respite to weary travelers.

Learning to navigate the challenges presented by each biome will be necessary for players to successfully progress the Sanctuary Caravan through the Untamed Wilds!


While there are six party members, only four can make up the Active Battle Party at any given time. By using the Formation scene found in the Main Menu, players can swap out party members into the Active Battle Party. In the event a party member is knocked out (KO) they can be swapped out of the Active Battle Party once out of the Battle Scene. KOed party members will wake up when either a Mini-boss is defeated or the party returns back to the Caravan. It is possible to fight with less than four party members but it is not recommended.

04 Formation Scene.png

Image of the Formation Scene

Meet the Guild Leaders
Main Menu

Battle Scene

Once a player bumps into an enemy in the Exploration Scene, a Battle is engaged. Battles play out in the Battle Scene. Explanations of battle mechanics are highlighted in the following sections.

Battle Scene.png

Image of the Battle Scene


The Battle Scene features both allies and enemies lining up in Rows. Each group has four rows, starting at Row 1 closest to their opponents and working back to Row 4 being the furthest from their opponents. Skills for both sides may only be used from certain rows, and may even have targeting restrictions on which rows they can affect. Be sure to read your Skill descriptions carefully when planning out your party’s actions.

Battle Scene

Turn Order

The order of actions taken during the course of the battle will be displayed in the Turn Order along the top of the Battle Scene. The Current Turn is shown on the left side, while Next Turn is shown on the right side. As the player targets allies/enemies, the target will be highlighted on the Turn Order HUD as well. Use this information to your advantage.

Battle Turn Order.png

Image of the Turn Order HUB

Battle HUD

The Active Battle Party’s key information is displayed on the right side of the Battle Scene HUD. Here, the player can see party members’ current Health, Argument score, and up to five status effects each. When it is a party member’s turn to act, their information will be highlighted as well as a cursor will appear over their heads. This will also cause the various menus (Action Select, Skill Select, Target Select) to appear next to their character.

Image of the Battle HUD

To use the battle menus, it is recommended players use the keyboard or a controller. The game does respond to mouse clicks but the UI was not designed around using only a mouse. Targeting issues may arise due to how the engine builds the battle scene with the character sprites overlaid on one another to simulate the rows.

Second Chance

If an attack would ever lower a party member’s HP to 0 when they were above 1 HP, Second Chance will trigger and set their HP to 1. Since a near-death experience is never enjoyable, the party member will immediately gain 10 ARG. If a party member takes any amount of damage while at 1 HP they will be Knocked Out. Knocked Out party members will revive after a Mini-Boss is defeated or when the party returns back to the Caravan. KOed party members can be swapped out of the Active Battle Party by using the Formation Scene from the Main Menu.

Battle Second Chance.png

Image of Second Chance triggering



Every party member brings six unique skills to battle with them. The systems governing the use of these skills are listed below.

Row Requirement

Every skill may only be used from certain rows. The skill description will end with “Row X” or “Row X - X”. The X will define the specific row or rows the skill can be used. For example, Row 1 means it can only be used in the row closest to the enemies while Row 3 - 4 can be used from either the third or fourth rows.

Battle Skills.png

Image of a Skill Description

Melee vs Ranged

Melee skills may only target enemies in the closest enemy row (which may not always be Row 1 if enemies have moved back or if all enemies in Row 1 have been defeated). Ranged skills may target any enemy. Support skills can generally target any ally unless they specifically state otherwise.

Attack vs Magic Attack

Sanctuary Saga has two different stats for dealing damage: Attack and Magic Attack. Attack is defended with the target’s Defense stat. Magic Attack is defended by the target’s Magic Defense. Note: Every attack in the game will do a minimum of one damage.

Health Damage vs Argument Damage

There are also two different types of damage: Health Damage and Argument Damage. Health damage will lower the target’s HP until it is 0, whereas Enemies will be defeated and Party Members will be Knocked Out. Argument Damage starts at 0 and adds up to a max of 100. As Argument rises, there is a progressively greater chance the Party Member will spend their turn Arguing instead of performing the selected action. This will skip their turn.

Battle Arguing.png

Image of an Party Member Arguing

Leveling Skills

As players progress through Sanctuary Saga, relationships among the party members will develop. These relationships, if deep enough, will cause party members to teach each other ways of improving their existing skills. These skill improvements are not randomized, so Ethan will always improve the same skill when his relationship with Cylus is strong enough for example. 


There are also Skill NPCs who will join the Caravan throughout the travels in order to teach their specific charges. You can see these requirements in the Quest Journal after they have been offered to the party.

Caravan Scene


The caravan scene serves as the game’s town. Here players will shop at vendors, interact with Quest NPCs, make decisions on Caravan Events, and be presented with much of the game’s plot through cutscenes. Please use the map below as a reference while navigating the caravan.


Map of the Caravan

Expedition Select

Expedition Select

Once the party is ready, players can select their next expedition by talking to the Scout on the north side of the caravan. The Scout will present players with two options. The icons on the right of each option show which party members prefer that choice. If there is an active quest at that location there will also be the Book Icon.

Expedition Select.png

Image of Expedition Select with a Quest Icon

If the player does not like either option they may choose to Rescout. Once the player chooses Rescout, they must immediately depart for an expedition from one of the new choices. They will not be able to cancel out of the menu in order to do more preparation.

Caravan Events

Caravan Events

Upon returning to the Sanctuary Caravan after an expedition, the player may be presented with a Caravan Event. There will be a brief explanation of what occurred while the party was gone and two choices will be presented to the player. Guild leaders who prefer one choice over another will have their icon displayed by their choice. Some NPCs may also have preferences but those will not be displayed for the player until the choice has been made. RP will be adjusted based on player actions.

Expedition Select.png

Image of Expedition Select with a Quest Icon



Improving equipment is the primary method for improving party members’ stats. Please find information on Equipment the the sections below.


In order to upgrade equipment in Sanctuary Saga, players will first need to collect currency. There are six different currencies in Sanctuary Saga: Ores, Hides, Fibers, Reagents, Woods, and Exotic Goods. These currencies can be gained as battle rewards, found in chests, or provided as rewards upon completing Quests. Each party member’s equipment requires two different currencies to upgrade.

Image of Expedition Select with a Quest Icon

Shop Scene

Each guild area within the caravan has a vendor to upgrade their guild leader’s equipment. The Shop Scene allows players to purchase items in the Buy menu. Once purchased, the equipment can be equipped in the Equip menu. There is no reason to purchase more than one of each piece of gear. Once a piece has been purchased, it will no longer appear in future visits to the vendor.

shop Buy.png

Image of the Buy Scene

shop Equip.png

Image of the Equip Scene

Gear Leveling

Once a party member has equipped both pieces of gear at their current level, they will level up. Once enough party members have leveled up the caravan (and monsters) will also level up, unlocking the next tier of equipment for purchase from vendors. This is the primary form of game progression in Sanctuary Saga.

Currency Exchange Vendor

As players traverse the Untamed Wilds, it is very possible they will have some currencies in excess while others are in short supply. The Currency Exchange allows players to convert three of any currency into one of any other currency. This vendor can be found on the right side of the caravan.

Currency Vendor.png

Image of the Currency Exchange Vendor



Guild Leaders in Sanctuary Saga develop relationships as they share experiences throughout their trek through the Untamed Wilds. This is represented by the Relationship Point (RP) score shared between each pair of party members. The higher this score, the better the relationship between those two party members.

01 Relationship Scene.png

RP Gain/Loss

Image of the Relationship Scene

Being in the Active Battle Party together, agreeing on which expeditions to embark on, or responding to Caravan Events in the same way are all examples of what may cause RP to increase between two party members. Similarly, the opposite of these things will cause RP scores to decline. Choosing which relationships to focus on will assist players in creating a stronger party but may come at the cost of a couple party members having weaker relationships than the rest.

Relationship Effects

Positive relationships can lead to party members learning from their relationships and mutually improving their various skills. Eventually they may provide other benefits if relationships reach certain levels. By contrast, lower RP scores can cause party members to Argue, even if their Argument Meter isn’t high. As a reminder, Arguing in the Battle Scene causes a party member to skip their turn after they have been given a command by the player. This is a cumulative effect if they are on bad terms with multiple party members.



Scattered across the land are NPCs who support and encourage the guild leaders. Several are part of the caravan but even more can be found on expeditions. Talking with these denizens of the Untamed Wilds will broaden the player’s understanding of what has occurred in the Wilds and why it is in its current state.

Exploration NPC in Wilds.png

Quest Givers

Image of an NPC in the Wild

Along with these denizens, a select few NPCs will choose to join the Sanctuary Caravan and offer rewards if the party completes their quests. Be warned, however, these characters have their own agendas and if their requests are ignored for long enough they will leave the caravan. Once an NPC has left the caravan they will never show up again in the Wilds and are gone for good. This is represented by Strikes. At three strikes they will leave.

NPC Quest.png

Image of an NPC Quest Giver



Quests are available for the player to serve as a guide through the progression of Sanctuary Saga. The Main Story Quests are the primary vehicle for this but many stories are also told through the other quest chains as well. While exploring the Wilds, be sure to keep a lookout for this sparkle. It designates a Quest objective the player is able to interact with.

Quest Journal Scene

From the Quest Journal Scene found in the Main Menu, players can view their current (or even completed) Quests. Select the Quest from the left menu to view its details in the Quest panel.

06 Quest Journal.png

Image of the Quest Journal Scene

Main Story Quests

These quests are associated with the overall plot of Sanctuary Saga. Advancing the main story will cause the Sanctuary Caravan to delve deeper into the Untamed Wilds, pressing ever onward in search of a suitable settlement location.

Side Quests

Certain NPCs who can be found in the Untamed Wilds will join the Sanctuary Caravan. There is a chance upon the party’s return to the caravan for one of these NPCs to offer a Side Quest. These will give various rewards from RP to Currencies. Be warned: if a quest is offered the player has once expedition’s worth of time to complete it before the quest giver will be forced to wait for another opportunity to fulfill their request.

Skill Quests

At certain points, Skill NPCs will join the caravan at the behest of outside groups who support the caravan’s denizens. Unlike Side Quests, these quests will never expire and the quest givers will never leave. Player’s can take their time completing these quests.



The Guild Leaders of Sanctuary Saga have a couple of cosmetic skins. These skins will apply to both the walking animations visible on the Exploration Scene as well as new battler poses for the Battle scene. Cutscenes will not be affected by skins so players will see the characters in their default models during these. See the sections below for details on how they are unlocked and equipped to offer a cosmetic variety while exploring the Wilds.

Skin unlock.png

Image of a Skin Unlocked Message

Discoverable Skin Set

There is an alternate skin for each party member that can be unlocked through exploits while navigating the Untamed Wilds. Some of these harken back to their character’s origins or may foreshadow events yet to come.

Purchasable Skin Set

Available as purchasable DLC content, your heroes cosplay as their favorite monsters from myth and legend! Enjoy these wacky outfits while also supporting the work of us here at Boomer’s Workshop!


Once any skin is unlocked, the Tailor NPC will appear on the right side of the Caravan. Talk with them to change any party member’s current skin to any of the unlocked content.


Image of the Quest Journal Scene



Thank you for playing Sanctuary Saga!


Created by Boomer’s Workshop (copyright 2022)


Published by Vicarious Publishing


Game Director

Kevin A. Prothero


Art Assets




Tyler Zane


Level Design



Plugin Creation/Support

Dawdling Dog LTD


Localization Script

Peter Ruibal (@fmoo)


Vicarious Publishing Staff


Michael Brown

CEO and Founder


Liana Murphy

Chief Operating Officer


Becca Smith

Account Manager


Devin Hamilton

Social Media Manager


Jolene Hitt

Social Media Manager


Made with RPG Maker MV




Core Engine, Base Parameter Control, Advanced Switches and Variables, Class Based Parameters, Extra Parameter Formula, Main Menu manager, Menu Actor Events, Message Core, Message Speed Option, Plugin Commands and Switches, Status Menu Core, Save 

Core, Animated Tiles Option, Battle Animation Speed Option, Options Core, FPS Synch Option, Battle Engine Core, Action Sequences Pack 1, Action Sequences Pack 2, Action Sequences Pack 3, Animated SV Enemies, Counter Control, Visual HP Gauges, Weak Enemy Poses, Action Begin/End, Battle Select Cursor, Buffs/States Core, Extended DoT, Visual State FX, Damage Core, Critical Control, Extra Enemy Drops, Lifesteal, Target Core, Selection Control, Taunt, Victory Aftermath, Item Core, Shop Menu Core, Hide/Show Shop Items, More Currencies, Skill Core, Skill Cooldowns, Instant Cast, Equip Core, Auto Passive States, Passive Cases, Enemy Levels, Enhanced TP, Footstep Sounds, Row Formation, Party System, Move Route Core, Extended Move Pack 1, Region Restrictions, Quest Journal, Event Click Trigger, Event Copier, Event Encounter Aid, Event Hitbox Resize, Event Mini Label, Event Morpher, Event Proximity Activate, Event Spawner, Icons On Events, Aux Switches, Call Event, Credits Page, Dash Toggle, Disable Auto Shadow, Gab Window, Icon Balloons, Keyboard Config, Main Menu Variables, Merge Common Events, Scale Sprites, Script Call Plugin Command, Segmented Gauges, Swap Enemies, Test Play Assist, Touch Input Disabler, Load Custom Fonts, In Battle Status


Battle Angel Olivia

Battle System OTB, Anti Player Stress, Title Social Media, Map Display Name, Bright Effects, Animated Pictures, 



Overlay, Lighting, Lighting Player Lighting, Lighting Event Lighting


Mog Hunter

Battle HUD, Damage Popup Effects



Actor Friendship System



Battle End Events



Action Sequence Impact



Conditional Choices



Destination Sprite



Sealed Battle Command



Title Command Exit


Thank you for purchasing Sanctuary Saga! If you have any questions not answered by this manual please drop by our discord ( and we would be happy to help! We hope you enjoy the little world we created. We love you and pray to Christ you are having a joyful and prosperous life.

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