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Status: Digital Demo LIVE at Steam Summer Games Festival

In collaboration with IN>D:\DEVELOPMENT, Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy game with variable card power sets that plays in 10"-15" with tableau building win conditions. The rules are straightforward enough for new gamers while the strategy is deep enough to engage the most expert in the hobby. A different Pattern Power set can change the abilities of each card from game to game in order to keep players engaged. The play time is perfect for a few games during the lunch hour or while waiting for your entire group to arrive for other games. Come check out the project page information or give us a follow on our Kickstarter Page!

Rolling with My Gnomies

Boomer's Workshop is the game design studio of Kevin A Prothero. Each game is designed to be mechanically approachable, provide a depth of strategy, and force players to engage with one another socially. If this is what you are looking for please consider our games for your collection!

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Unraveling Reed small

A screenshot from the current stable build of Stitchcraft Digital's beta release.