Sanctuary Saga: Prelude


Traditional JRPG Tells the Story of Sanctuary's Creation

Follow the antics of disgruntled guilds leaving their homelands, banding together to face the harsh unknown in the Untamed Wilds to create a better future. Navigate the Wilds with Syrena, Dolgrim, Ethan, Jenivive, Cylus, and Marie as they work (mostly) together to forge a path for their caravan. Can you see them through the dangers and find a suitable location for Sanctuary before supplies run out? Only one way to find out!

Featuring a row-based combat system you must utilize the 6 unique skills from each hero to cooperatively defeat a myriad of monsters. Be sure to monitor each hero's Argument meter; if it gets too high they may refuse to help fight the monsters! Manage your party well and reap the rewards at the end of each adventure!

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Character Bios and Game Explanation in the Prelude Game Manual